Nina Wenig

I'm Nina Wenig (Runge) a Post-doc researcher at the Digital Media Lab at the University of Bremen. I'm doing research in the areas of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction. I wrote my dissertation about "User-Centered Image Annotation and its Applications".

I studied Computer Science in Hamburg with a focus on Computer Vision and Machine Learning. I'm enthusiastic developing intelligent user interfaces using Bayesian Networks, Deeplearning. At the University of Bremen I conducted several lectures (2016/2017: Project Adaptive Exergames; 2015/2016, 2015, 2014: Mobile and ubiquitous Media, 2010/2011: Seminar Panoramic Images - Theory and Practice, 2010-2013: Tutorials Media Informatics 1 and 2), for my projects and publications see my research site. During my sparse time I'm interested in photos and books.


01/2017 Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.),
University of Bremen, Grade: magna cum laude.
Title: User-Centered Image Annotation and its Application
09/2009 Diplom-Informatikerin
University of Hamburg, Grade 1.7.
Focus: Cognitive systems, computer vision
Diploma thesis: Probabilistic Temporal Models for Scene Understanding